Thursday, July 10, 2008

Not What We Expected

This hasn't really gone down at all the way we expected. We had drama on Monday with low amniotic fluid and the threat of induction, but I was able bring up the amnio level by hydrating the hell out of myself for six hours before a retest. Whew.
This morning, we had another non-stress test and check of fluid. Non-stress test was great; fluid was low again - particularly bad news since I got up at 4:30 this morning and immediately started drinking water. The doctor was concerned and recommended inducing today. So not what we had wanted or envisioned. We took a while to decide - talking to the doctor and our doula. We had to really think about it.

It's not just that induction wasn't what we had planned; it's that all indications otherwise were that the baby was healthy and vigorous and concern about what inductions can involve and lead to. The cervidil used to ripen the cervix can cause contractions that are stronger than natural. The pitocin that might be used to start contractions if the cervidil doesn't do it definitely cause contractions that are nastier than natural ones and harder on the baby - with the added bonus of denying you the natural rush of the pain killer oxytocin that the body produces with "real" contractions. This often leads to an epidural, which can, in turn, lead to a cesarean section. An upsetting cascade of consequences to consider.

Ultimately, we decided to stay and let them induce today, knowing that if we didn't, we would have to return tomorrow and they would, in all liklihood, not let us get out of an induction tomorrow. I figured if I was going to go into labor before tomorrow, then the cervidil would work to send me into labor today. Overlying all of that was the concern that the low fluid really could be a bad indicator.

So now we are in a hospital room, waiting for the cervidil to do its thing and hoping that it sends me into labor so we don't have to resort to pitocin. The baby is as active as ever, and it's even kind of fun to listen to his/her heartbeat and hear his/her movements on the monitor. I admit I'm nervous about the coming pain, but I'm also looking forward to finally holding this baby in my arms.


mafilesretired said...

it's never what you expected, kiddo!

just breathe deeply, relax every muscle except the ones contracting, and for god's sake yell if you want too!!!

love y'all three and can hardly wait to see the newest west virginian


MK Stover said...

I am not replying to this post, but replying to the email I received. I won't give it away, but I'm waiting to hear from you.
I like the idea of blogging your baby's life and I'm looking forward to reading (lots) more.

Sending good vibes your way.