Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 Months

It's already difficult to remember what it felt like to hold him when he was a newborn. According to our scale at home (not a baby scale), he is something like 12 pounds 13 ounces. He's rolling over (stomach to back, halfway from back to stomach) and grasping toys, and he could totally maneuver himself out of his bouncy seat if not strapped in.

He started daycare two weeks ago. As PJ noted to people, tears were shed, but we're not saying whose. He is apparently quite the entertainer at daycare, talking and cooing at the other kids and Rachel. As soon as he arrives, Rachel's daughter and a neighbor girl who is there before school run to greet him. Rachel's daughter made him a "hexagon man" at school one day. He's definitely getting love and care, though I must admit that I miss getting the best part of his days. He's pretty worn out by the time we have him at home. I suppose the upside of that is that he is more snuggly, content to have me carry him with his head resting on my shoulder rather than demanding to be facing the world.

Last weekend was gorgeous, and we spent a lot of time outside. Lucky us, we were dismissed from work early on Friday and got in a sunny walk around the neighborhood. On Saturday, we spent a goodly amount of time at the Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival. Kieran hung out in the Bjorn, taking in the hordes. Sunday was the best, though. We took a five-mile hike to Pee Wee Point up in Sleepy Creek Wildlife Management Area and had a picnic of sorts out at the point. Then we took advantage of having Monday off and headed to Martinsburg for the sushi buffet at Asian Garden. Kieran really likes the spicy tuna roll.