Saturday, March 14, 2009

Eight Months

Getting new furniture has put a bit of a snag in the ability to compare from month to month, but hey! new furniture! PJ had to hold on to Kieran for this month's picture because he (Kieran, not PJ) just would not sit still. He started crawling a week before he turned eight months, and he is all over the place. His major obsessions are the tv stand, where he likes to open and shut the doors and pull things out of it, and pulling himself up to stand at whatever he encounters. Unfortunately, this also means we have entered the phase of bumps and bruises, and he has already had three or four bruises on his forehead.
It's amazing to see Kieran hitting all these milestones, to watch him exploring and learning. I must admit, it's also a little sad. He's still a baby, but my baby is growing so fast! There has been nothing that has brought home to me so acutely the swift passage of time, the sense that I'll never have this time again, as this child has. Makes me want to quit my job and just live each day, exploring and experiencing. Anyone know of a job that pays you to explore and experience? Either that or a money tree.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Best Toys EVER

A Guest Post by Kieran Laughner

1. Keys
2. TV Remote Control
3. Cordless Phone
4. Spoons
5. Dad's ID Badge for Work
6. Dad's Watch
7. Magazines and Catalogs... actually, paper in general
8. Coffee Mugs
9. Glass Bowls