Sunday, January 25, 2009

Time Flies? It's Frickin' Supersonic.

Okay, so here was 5 months:

And here's 6 months:

He's finally in his own bedroom and getting up maybe three times at the most - watch, now that I typed that he'll get up six times again tonight! Twice he's even slept all the way through the night... I almost feel human again! He's rolling all over the place, though usually only in one direction, and he's got two (two!) teeth. And, oh yeah, he eats oatmeal, peas, winter squash, green beans, and tonight we're adding sweet potatoes. You can get him to giggle, but he's a tough crowd - don't be tryin' the same thing more than twice, mister.

A while back, I had been writing a post in my head about all the things either I didn't expect or no one told me about motherhood. That's where most of my posts are: written in my head in the middle of the night and lost in addled sleep deprivation. And who has time to reconstruct ideas by the light of day? Even now I'm thinking, "Do I sit here in these snatched moments of nap time," (alas, usually quite short), "and write or do I practice personal hygiene and go shower?" Okay, I'm going to compromise and do a little of both.

Anyway. So I wouldn't change anything - except for that whole thing where PJ and I both have to work the American work week - but, oh my god, the guilt, the jealousy, the rage... I really didn't expect the rage. If anyone is still looking at the blog, you're probably wondering now, and these all deserve long posts of their own - but I'm going to give them all short shrift right now. Under the heading of Expected But Unprepared For Anyway? The love.

He also plays peek-a-boo:


MK Stover said...

He's gorgeous.
Yes, I know about the anger.
I'm sorry.

And, yes, I'll keep checking in; I have been all along. I'm glad you're back.

I'm The Chez said...

He's so flippin' cute! Gonna eat him up.