Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On Not Camping

Okay, so we didn't actually end up camping a couple of weekends ago for a number of reasons, but the clincher was the weather. The days were forecasted to be beautiful - sunny and 70 degrees, but the nights were to be in the mid-40s. I have no doubt that we could have done it, but I just didn't want to make our first experience camping with Kieran any more stressful than it (I'm sure) already will be. Middle of the night feedings and diaper changes while trying to keep warm just didn't sound that appealing - especially on top of a fussier-than-normal couple of weeks. Can two weeks in the life of an infant be out of the norm, or is that simply called a change in habits? Luckily, it seems to have been (mostly) a jut out of normalcy. But I digress...

While we didn't go camping, we did have a pleasant hike up in Sleepy Creek and a great campfire dinner up in our clearing with Ali and Jim and their kids, Sawyer and Delaney. Really, with three of us holding sleeping or sleepy children, PJ was the one who did most of the cooking. We had pizza mountain pies, sausages (fake, for those meat-eaters wondering), and s'mores. Mmm. I love campfires.

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