Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Six Onesie Day

We (and by "we" I mean Kieran) achieved a new record today: 6 onesies. Of course, this is presuming he doesn't lay waste to another one in the next two and a half hours. Sheesh. I got to deal with one blowout in the service center of a car dealership. One involved a clothing change for me, too. For PJ, one came seconds after he boasted that the baby had never had a fountain moment when he was changing him. Ha!

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MrsGolden said...

Melodie & PJ,

He is beautiful! Sarah told me at opening school ceremonies today that you guys had a little one. How surprised I was! I know from experience that it is easy to beat yourself up over a c-section (I had 2), but once the emotional post-partum roller coaster is over, you will forget all about it. My 2 c-sections caused extreme adhesions, and I just had to have a 3rd abdominal surgery this summer, a complete hysterectomy!!! But the recovery from something like that is such a short part of your life; you have the rest of your life with your beautiful baby boy! And believe me, he won't be little for long! Stephanie will be in 3rd grade this fall, and Ben is already 3. Please email me. . .I would love to hear from you. egolden@access.k12.wv.us

Love and best wishes,

Beth Golden